[Spridgets] Best Spridget for a condo owner

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Well thought through David.
However, I don't think you can make a serious claim the Jeep was a British 
design and I would suggest Nippon Miata groups whilst acknowledging the 
Miata to be generally based on British design would not claim it to be a 
LBC.  Bits of it may well be improved (and other bits not improved) copies 
based on LBCs but it certainly sticks in my throat to say a Mazda is a 
British car - just as it would to claim a Jeep is British.
Guy R Day

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>> If you follow this argument then you can make a WWII Jeep to be derived 
>> from
>> a British design!!
> Well, the original WWII Jeep was designed by the American Bantam
> Company of Butler, Pennsylvania, which had built Austin Sevens under
> license (like BMW had), so maybe there is a relationship there...
> David L

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