[Spridgets] Best Spridget for a condo owner

Guy R Day grday at btinternet.com
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If you follow this argument then you can make a WWII Jeep to be derived from 
a British design!!

They (and the Jeep) developed far enough away to be divorced.  There is no 
doubt the Miata is a nice little car, there is no doubt it has a nice 
history but there is no doubt the Little British Car is not a Japanese 
vehicle.  G*dd*m it!! They don't even leak oil (usually).  :-)  How can it 
be a LBC??

Guy R Day

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>>> Just to throw spanner at Allen (very gently and slowly so there is 
>>> plenty
>>> of time to duck), what part of LBC does a Miata come from?
> Guy,
> After WWII, just who do you think it was that taught the Nipponese to
> build cars? Why do you think the JDM cars are RHD? Not to say they
> still leak oil, but I am sure it is easier to make a Miata leak oil
> than it is to make a Spridget stop leaking oil... At its heart, the
> Miata is an LBC. I have always been happy that I am into Spridgets
> rather than MGBs, because a good Spridget is much more nimble than a
> Miata, but IMHO the only thing an MGB does better than a Miata is
> rust.
> David L
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