[Spridgets] Best Spridget for a condo owner

David Lieb 72spridget at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 08:57:07 MDT 2011

>> Just to throw spanner at Allen (very gently and slowly so there is plenty
>> of time to duck), what part of LBC does a Miata come from?

After WWII, just who do you think it was that taught the Nipponese to
build cars? Why do you think the JDM cars are RHD? Not to say they
still leak oil, but I am sure it is easier to make a Miata leak oil
than it is to make a Spridget stop leaking oil... At its heart, the
Miata is an LBC. I have always been happy that I am into Spridgets
rather than MGBs, because a good Spridget is much more nimble than a
Miata, but IMHO the only thing an MGB does better than a Miata is
David L

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