[Spridgets] Toilet Energy, No LBC

David Lieb 72spridget at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 19:24:21 MDT 2011

Ya know, maybe Buster has a point there. After all, just how am I
supposed to believe in the intelligence of a man who was foolish
enough to allow himself to be railroaded into becoming the titular
head of a country full of the people who have been posting on this
List? ;-)

Folks, if you read through the constitution again, you might just find
that it doesn't matter who you voted for, the guy who is elected is
YOUR president for four years. As such he deserves a bit more respect
than some of you appear willing to accord him. It is a silly system
that doesn't even begin to work the way the founding fathers intended,
but at least you aren't living in China making substandard tools for a
David L

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