[Spridgets] Miata Hardtop LJC content

Mike Rambour lists at dinospider.com
Thu Jun 2 17:07:37 MDT 2011

On 06/02/2011 03:52 PM, derf wrote:
> On days like today, when it is 100 degrees out, a white hard top and
> A/C beats a soft top.

  No it does not, enjoy the sunshine !!!  Only time I thought about 
maybe putting the top up was in Vegas on a 107 degree day stuck in 0 MPH 
traffic, luckily my wife was there to set me straight ahd within a hour 
the traffic moved again.

  Ok, I know, I am a convertible guy, while I do own a truck for towing 
purposes its hardly ever used, all other cars have been convertibles 
both for me and my wife and now even my daughter.  I also live in S. 
Calif. but came from Needles Ca. where my mother owned a convertible in 
the days before AC was standard (did the Sunbeam Tiger ever even have a 
AC option? doubt it) so heat and convertibles is second nature to me.  
But wife and I did spend a month on the east coast in January many years 
ago, it was a MAJOR PAIN clearing the snow off the seats every morning 
and the leather cracked from being sat on when frozen so I have seen 
cold with my convertibles.

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