[Spridgets] Silverstone new pit complex, not really much LBC content

WeslakeMonza1330 at aol.com WeslakeMonza1330 at aol.com
Thu Jun 2 14:30:31 MDT 2011

Hi List,
Drove to Silverstone for the FIA GT race meeting - I was scrutineering for  
today only.  Saw 2 big windmills that were turning and generating  
electricity for some one...
The new pit complex was impressively large and nice and new.  Of  course a 
lot of stuff hasn't been finished off yet and some garage toilets had  not 
lights.  When I found a garage toilet with a light I could see it had  the 
small/large option flush but no bidet (that's a bum washer for those  
non-European types that don't know what a bidet is).
Checked a mixture of GT3 cars in the morning and spend the afternoon doing  
virtually all the Lamborghini challenge cars.  Because the new pit complex  
is on part of the circuit that's too far to walk to from the old pit 
complex I  saw parts of the circuit I've not seen much of before.  I'm not sure if 
 I'll be at new pit complex for any other meetings this year  (I don't do  
the F1 meeting)  but it would neat to spectate from the new pit lane wall  
(officials are allowed to do that sometimes as part of the job).
Saw a really neat Sprite in the officials' car park.  It was  mine.  I 
drove it home with the roof down which was just as well as there  was slow 
moving traffic at one point.
Weslake-Monza 1330

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