[Spridgets] discussions that are potentially harmful in nature

Fisher, Ed edwd at ti.com
Thu Jun 2 12:27:42 MDT 2011

OK, I am just gonna throw this out there.  Everyone has heard the quote,
"never discuss religion or politics with friends or relatives" or some such
wisdom as that.  There is a very good reason for that; it is incendiary.  When
I wrote Frankie Jr of his Dad's passing, I said something to the effect of "he
was so busy making his corner of the world a better place he did not fall prey
to the diatribes of others".  I would respectfully submit that we all go out
and be a little more like that and a little less vehement with each other's
views.  Go out in the garage or shop instead of listening to whatever station
that you are listening to and getting all riled up.  Go get a neighbor kids
lawnmower, bicycle, wagon, whatever running and forget about trying to sway
others to your opinion, unless of course you want to bash Chinese tools, and
only then because you are justified in doing so because you broke one/several
helping others.  Come on folks, this isn't really in the spirit of what we all
just felt just a short while ago when we were one in our grief.  Politics and
religion are divisive subjects, do we really want to alienate each other when
we can and do have so much in common?  Also, to the group, I am tendering an
apology for my post about solar power.  Unless I was asking for advice on how
to install a panel, installing a panel for a friend/neighbor and wanted help,
or I was hooking up a panel to an LBC this was not the place to post.  I

Dallas, Tx

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