[Spridgets] Re Wind energy again!!

cshelden shelden3 at pldi.net
Thu Jun 2 08:53:33 MDT 2011

Since Oklahoma is sandwiched between Texas and Kansas we have lots of wind
blowing north or south (that is a joke lighten up).

All that said we have many wind farms that churn out power nearly 365, it
works here.  We don't have power generation on dams here, we don't have any
nuclear plants.  We do have lots of wind and natural gas though.  To say
that wind isn't viable is like me saying power from rivers isn't based on
the fact we don't have rivers like you have in the NE and other parts of the
I do know there is a large start up cost, I do know it takes a while to get
transmission lines ran to the farm in some cases.  I also know I'm not an
expert in these matters and only know what I see in many cases.

Ok time to go get that 74 Midget going as the wife isn't pleased it is still
idle in the shop and here it is June.

74 Midget
59 Sprite in pieces

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