[Spridgets] Wind energy again

Lester oldsaabguy at comcast.net
Wed Jun 1 16:47:56 MDT 2011

Not sure if you meant that as a joke or not..

Down here, a set of solar panels will cost $ 25,000 installed.  Subtract the
Federal tax credit (For residential use only.. and why is that?) and the State
tax credit and they only end up costing $ 10,000 installed.  Let's see.. at $
200 per month that's 50 months or 4 years or so.  Assuming that I don't need
supplemental electricity which I will as .. well.. I turn on things at night
like refrigerators and computers and air conditioning etc.  So if we break it
down, then maybe .. and I'm being generous here..  I get use out of the system
50% of the time during the Summer months so let's double that previous
estimate to 8 years or so.   Now let's add in some more reality, we have
tornados around here and hurricanes hit here every few years as well and bad
storms not to mention all of the damn sunshine.  Do you have any idea what all
of this sunshine does to manmade things??!  So let's toss in some 30% of the
initial cost.  That's another $ 8000..sorry, no subsidizes repair costs.. or
another 4 years or so.  Again, assuming that our friends in DC don't decide
that we are now small scale power companies and start to tax us for every watt
we produce just like they do the power companies...


I'll stick to the large power company that is sticking it to me.  SWEPCO.
They have a "fuel surcharge" that is frequently equal to the electricity usage
costs doubling my electricity bill.  If they are having problems why on earth
would I want to take the chance of doing their job.


On Jun 1, 2011, at 3:40 PM, <bjshov8 at tx.rr.com> <bjshov8 at tx.rr.com> wrote:

> My sister and her husband have a house with about 2500 square feet and all
of the usual televisions, refrigerators, airconditioner, etc.  They bought
electric panels for their roof that will generate almost their average
electrical usage.  I think they said the panels cost about $8,000.  They
expect to pay for the cost of the panels in 5 or 6 years.
>> But the nuclear plant is probably more than a couple of thousand times more
>> expensive to start off with. I think you also have to consider the
>> de-commissioning cost of the Nuclear power plant.
>> In the UK you can get a wind turbine that will meet the need of a
>> household's electric though I guess to be self sufficient you'd want solar
>> as well.
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