[Spridgets] 1949 Dodge Power Wagon. . Please Give me Your Input

Kirk Hargreaves khargreaves2 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 16:41:39 MST 2011

According to the seller who is a friend of mine that I have hung out at his
shop over the last 15 years, it can be driven around town but the engine
will need to be replaced in the near future.

It has a tired 360 but comes with a rebuilt 318 that is currently sitting in
the back of the bed.

The automatic tranny is in "good shape."  But who knows. .  .I might also
need to put a new tranny in it as well.

The owner only drives it in two wheel mode and does not know if it works in
4 wheel.  (I am fine to keep it as a two wheeler and maybe get into getting
the 4 wheel drive to work later on, given that the 4 wheel drive mode is not
currently working).

Brakes work, all huge drum brakes.  New brake master cylinder plus new
hydraulic lines.

Rust is not bad. . mainly surface stuff.

It has fold down seats in the back and the lever that is used to lock the
bed down came from a prison. .  the same lever that is used to lock down a
row of cells.

He was planning to finish it out with the 318.  But he has a lot of projects
going on and as such he is selling this along with a couple of other
interesting vehicles, old boats, etc.

He is asking $1,800 for it which includes the 318.  I could probably get it
for $1,500 (including the 318).

I have been looking for an old truck to pull a boat up to the lake. .
nothing fancy.  . just an older workhorse to haul the boat and to take stuff
to the dump when needed.

When I found out that this was for sale I thought that this might be a more
interesting truck to own . .and it might also hold it's value over the

With these Power Wagons being as rare as they seem to be.  .I am thinking
that $1,500 might be a very good price for it?  I am going to do some
research by way of Andale.com to see what these things have sold for over
the past couple of years.

Also to note, the seller told me that this particular Power Wagon was not
bulit for the military.  . . it was built for the public along the lines of
the actual military Power Wagons.  I am not sure if there are a lot of
differences between the two as they both look very much alike . . at least
to my eyes. . . and the little I know about them.

Any ideas from the List in terms of what this might be worth.  . to add to
my research that I am going to do . . when I get time to do it?  Has anyone
had experience with these?

Pics on Photobucket:




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