[Spridgets] Charity - Re: 24 Hours of Lemons

Larry Daniels ladaniels at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 20 09:46:38 MST 2011

Maybe we should throw in a few extra bucks to send a "greeting" to the 
asshole who broke her jaw.

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--- On Sat, 2/19/11, Larry Daniels <ladaniels at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Ok, Ron, you've piqued my
> interest.  I like the idea of doing something for
> Deikis' charity.  John, you might owe us a beer on

BTW - the 2011 Team Soave (an operating division of Team Thicko) Targa 
Newfoundland car charity is:


We are focusing on the women and children restoration area. A close friend 
of ours went to the RRM aftter her husband broke her jaw for the third time 
and was inspired to become an attorney helping families in need. Details, 
paypal info and Facebook page and fundraisers to come - Kaney Aerospace 
(www.kaneyaerospace.com) has agreed to match donations 100%.


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