[Spridgets] Thrust washers ahd crankshaft end float

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If all else fails, try British Parts Northwest. I got an assortment from them
a few years ago and they were useful on more than one engine. You might
consider having the washer pinned so that it is less likely to fall out.

Green Midget John in TN.

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My 948 bloclk is in the machine shop and the machinist called this afternoon
with some questions that he needs answered: B The book says that the end
float should be between .002 and .003 B but mine is showing .009 end float.
Measuring the distance between the center main throws where the thrust
washers sit the distance is 1.3815 and is +/- .001 difference on two other
cranks I brought him this afternoon. B The thrust washers themselves measure
.092 B .. So what he needs to know is if any of these measurements are out of
spec and if so which as the book doesn't list these areas dimensions. B Does
anyone know of a supplier who sells oversize thrust washers? B I need a set
that is around .005 as I can install a set of standards on the one side and
the oversize on the other side and end up with .002 - .003 end float. B Any
ideas or how has anyone else dealt with this issue?
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