[Spridgets] '75 Midget brake question.

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I agree - i found my MC was down and started looking around for the leek.
The fitting on one of the hoses was not tight enough.
I am not sure if it just got loose from vibration or was not tightened enough
when replaced.
What a relief i did not have to do a MC rebuild or replacement.
The biggest pain was bleeding brakes so the petal was good again.


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If the brake fluid is only half full on both sides you obviously have a leak
at the master.B  If a wheel cylinder were leaking only one side would be
leaking.B  There has to be a sign of a leak somewhere 'cause brake fluid just
doesn't go away.B  See if the fluid has leaked and puddled somewhere in the
body, like above the wheel well.

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The car has been parked outside all winter (covered)
Brakes were working fine when parked just before winter set in.
This weekend, getting ready for spring, I discovered the brake pedal goes all
the way to the floor.
The reservoir is 1/2 full (both sides)
No signs of leaking brake fluid anywhere.
The red Brake warning light is lit.

Any suggestions welcomed.
Also input on how to reset the "shuttle" in the brake cicuit


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