[Spridgets] FW: NOSHIT Saturday February 12 Seattle WA

Philip Jones philip.s.jones at comcast.net
Sat Feb 12 20:29:36 MST 2011

Hello Spridget friends.  I've posted the below on the Spridgets  form on
British Car Forum; and just wanted to share with those who don't frequent
that site.  We had a fun day!  I'm exhausted. 



(From BCF posting)


Whew!  It's all over . . . I had a great time!  Let's see how many of the
attendees I can remember:

Bill Masquelier

Bill Loeb

Rich Ball

Mike Burkhart

Dave Riker

Rick Bastedo (plus three people and a Toyota)

Chris Karcher

Jean Smith and Alex

Jim Pauley

Tom Jones

. . . plus, I think, a few more.


Things started promptly at 9:00 AM, with doughnuts, work on Rick's
daughter's Toyota (suspension repair), and starting on Rick's Datsun-powered
Midget (converting to a Datsun 5-speed).  After the Toyota was finished and
gone, Bill Loeb's Sprite's rear brakes were also worked on.  Also in process
was completion of the pumpkin swap on Tom's AH 100.  Everything went well
and was finished by 5:00 PM, including cleanup.  AND, everyone's car left
under its own power.  Bill Loeb even sweet-talked Autosport in Seattle into
opening, so he could buy a new brake adjustment wedge to replace the one (of
the finest British manufacture) that had fallen off his car.  I'll bet his
rear brakes work better now!

Lunch was brats/Italian sausage, baked beans (Bill L), potato salad (Rich
B), smoked salmon (Rick B), and Irish Car Bomb cupcakes (Jean S).  It was
delicious!  Plus we had lots of snacks afterwards.  Weather was fun - we had
sun, fierce winds, driving rain, drizzle, clouds, rain and more rain.  Did I
mention rain?  Fortunately we had room for everyone to work inside.

Dave Riker drove over Snoqualmie Pass (all the way from Wenatchee!) to join
us - it was great to put a face to the name!

Thanks to everyone who came over.  Next time, do me a favor and drink more
coffee and beer.


I think pictures will be forthcoming.  Now I'm tired, but happy!


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Great day at Phil's house. Much accomplished, except my learning names very
well.  I have pictures posted on Webshots :


If you were there can you tag your photos to help me out?  To those who
weren't there, The main project car was a RB Midget with a Nissan
engine/tranny combo in it, that recieved a 5 speed swap in place of the 4
speed, and a rear brake job on a 65 Sprite.  I'm sure those brakes will work
better now with the adjuster wedges installed... :-)


Dave Riker

69 Midget

Wenatchee, WA.

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