[Spridgets] Chevy Volt. . .Coal Burning (very little LBC)

Seth Jones sethamosjones at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 05:30:46 MDT 2011

	What I want to know is, if you really do limit your driving to within the
Volt's 40 mile electric range, and the engine never turns over for about a
year or more, what happens the first time your batteries run out of juice?
What happens to the gasoline as it sits in the gas tank all that time?  Do I
use Sta-bil on a new car that I'd drive daily about 8 miles every day for
months on end?  Personally, I can't understand why GM did this car.  They had
a lot of good electric car technology 15 years ago and scrapped it.  The
result was Toyota beat them to hybrid technology.  GM is making the mistake of
calling this an electric car, when in truth it's a hybrid and anyone with a
brain knows that.  I was at the chicago autoshow and visited the Volt display.
They had some people pre programmed with GM double-talk telling us about all
the features of the car and the most boring test track on the universe.  We
never exceeded 5mph, the car was silent, and the driver had no personality.
What made absolutely no sense at all was the video game where you raced a volt
at over 100 mph.

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