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Bud Osbourne abcoz at hky.com
Tue Aug 9 15:12:32 MDT 2011

Beru, eh?  Could be.  I just assumed Bosch because that's been what I've
usually found.  Beru, however, does seem to show up quite a bit on any
German car, old or new.
You know, one thing that has impressed me, in working on our '99 Passat (now
replaced by a Jetta) and my '98 Golf (r&r transmission for rebuild @ 301K
mi.) is the overall quality of the components and the way the electrical and
cooling system components connect (and disconnect & reconnect).  My Golf is
STILL sporting it's original coolant hoses and they're STILL like new.
Pretty amazing.  Every time I've suggested that they should be replaced, in
the interest of reliability, my VW dealer mechanic (same guy has taken care
of this car since day one......I absolutely DESPISE working on modern cars)
tells me they're just fine and not to worry.  I look them over and feel them
and find that he's right.
Part of my maintenance routine on my MGs (as well as any other liquid-cooled
vehicle I've ever owned) is to replace all coolant hoses every 3 or 4 years,
whether they need it or not.  Nothing I hate more than being stranded,
roadside, with a mechanical failure of any sort.  The last time that ever
happened was in 1971 (my VW beetle sucked a valve), so I must be doing
something right.
Bud Osbourne

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><snip>Of course, these days, Bosch electrics are every bit as bad as 
>Lucas was wrongfully accused of being.............

I think the OEM is Beru on these...

>At any rate, I'll take my Spridget, any day, over ANYTHING modern, for 
>reliability.  And, yes, I used to use my '72 Midget as my daily driver, 
>with total reliability.
>Bud Osbourne



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