[Spridgets] Off topic Jeep question

David Lieb 72spridget at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 12:36:57 MDT 2011

> I thought the bad coil problem started with the series 4 models, in the '99
> model year?   I bought a brand new '98 Golf and find that the coils (just
> one coil for the 2.0 4 cyl, vs. 4 coils for the same engine in later
> hold up reasonably well.  I'm on the second replacement coil, at 322,000
> miles.  When these coils go bad, they seem to last long enough to get you
> home.  At least the two that I've had to replace didn't fail completely,
> until I got home.

Gee, I only have 93,000 or so on my 2002 VW GTi VR6 and it is still on
the original coilpack. I must be doing something wrong. Mind you, I
have had the temperature sender go out twice, three of the fuel
injectors die in one trip, the secondary air injection system valve
die, and a few other oddball problems, but the coilpack is fine.
David L

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