[Spridgets] Change from Generator to 1-wire Alternator

Frank Clarici spritenut at comcast.net
Tue Sep 28 19:19:43 MDT 2010

On 9/28/2010 8:52 PM, Norm 2Bs wrote:
> HELP!  My old crew and auto electrical expert, now racer himself, is still
> in Connecticut (Hi, Jim)&  I'm stumped by this conversion.

> Here's what I have on the regulator terminals:
> A1 - 2 brown/blue wires
> A - 1 brown/white
> F - 1 yellow/green
> D - 2 yellow
> E - 2 black


On the small jap 1 wire alternators, take the large "B" (battery) 
terminal from the alt and hook it to the 3 large wires at the regulator.
That would be the wires from A1, A, & D on the regulator.
If you want the ignition light to work, hook the small yellow wire from 
D and the yellow/green wire from F together, the small wire (field) at 
what was the generator now goes to one of the small terminals on the 
alternator, 1 is usually a tickler terminal, the other works the ign light.
If it does not light on the first terminal, don't worry, it will not fry 
anything in the alternator, try the 2nd terminal.
Most jap alts have a "T" shaped plug terminal, it is usually the 
vertical let of the "T" that works the ign lamp.
Not always but on all Mitsubitchi alts.

If you want to keep the regulator for looks, gut it internally except 
for the connector from A1 & A, those 2 terminals are already hooked 
together inside the regulator. Run a jumper inside from D to A now all 3 
are hooked together, A, A1, & D, keep the wires as they were except for 
the small one on terminal D, connect that wire to the original wire on 
terminal F so the ign lamp works.
Just keep the black wire on E (earth) as it now has no purpose.
If your regulator is still good, do NOT gut it, find a dead one to gut 
and just solder a stout wire inside from A to D.
Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ

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