[Spridgets] Bad Aftermarket Steering Wheel Report From Earlier Message

Kirk Hargreaves khargreaves2 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 15:49:17 MDT 2010

A good while ago I reported a bad aftermarket steering wheel problem whereby
the splines in the center of the wheel had worn and as such left me without
any steering.  Fortunately this happened while doing a u-turn in my

I went back to the stock boat tiller size wheel until a couple of days ago I
was doing some cleanup and found the old wheel that had the "compromised

After taking another look at the wheel I found out that the splines had
suffered due to incorrect placement on the steering shaft whereby only the
last part of the splines were holding on to the steering wheel splines.
There was about a 16th of an inch of worn spline area.

I remounted the wheel using a fat washer behind so that all of the splines
are now touching the shaft where they need to be. .  and as such I have
re-employed it with no concern of having any future problems.

Call me crazy for re-using it, but at this point I have over 95% of the
healthy spline area in correct contact and as such I do not fear that it
will let go.

Just thought I would mention due to the fact that I had given a bad report
on a part that was not correctly fitted. .  and as such the part was not


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