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What does PayPal say about filing a complaint? 
Technically, eBay and PayPal are not related, although eBay can tell PayPal
what to do.
 ...bill in corvallis
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I decided I would have a HANS device before racing again and have been
shopping for some time. Retail on the model I want is typically $695, and
none of my favorite suppliers will reduce the price on this item. So I
started a search on ebay, days later found one new for $500 + free UPS S&H,
and paid with paypal on Sep 13th. Only then did I see that shipping was
estimated from between SEP 21-28 which seemed unusual for UPS. Two messages
to the seller are unanswered, and I did not receive the item today. When I
go to the details page I see that the seller has relisted the item, or one
like it, and sold it for $300 on the 25th. Now I am really worried, I don't
think anyone could procure one for that price. Ebay won't open a claim until
Oct 2nd. The two item numbers are;
1404 4961 9514, and 1404 5747 8566. I feel like I have been patient, what
should I do?
Fogelsville, PA

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