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Tue Sep 21 17:47:31 MDT 2010

Paul & Groups,
Any one who would like to write Paul.
I am sure he would thrilled to get some car pictures & mail.
He gets excited when we go places where there is British cars.
I hope to go down to the British car days on October 3 in San Diego.
If i can make it i will stop by and pick up Paul.
I know his days go by pretty slow.
He reads the paper & watches TV most days.
His mailing information:
Paul Asgeirsson - Room # 333
Las Villas Del Norte
1325 Las Villas Way, 
Escondido, CA 92026

Thank You to those who take the time to write.
Paul has been a big help to most every one he met.
I have not known him as long as a lot of others.
We did become a good friends in the past 8 years.

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Vigil - do you have a mailing address? I'm sure we can send pictures of our
cars, the cars he in large part had at least a guiding hand in getting back on
the road.


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