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Guy R Day grday at btinternet.com
Tue Sep 21 14:56:27 MDT 2010

If it pulls to the right, the right side is working properly and the left 
side is causing the problem.
If it pulls enough to make a right turn this sounds as if the problem is at 
the front and not the rear.  A sharp pull is front, a gradual one is rear - 
This sounds like contaminants of some description that are on the left 
rotor(s) that are getting wiped / burnt off when you brake to the point they 
have gone after 20 miles or so.
Try leaving it for a week or so and wipe your finger at the bottom of the 
front left rotor and see if it is wet/damp and just quickly tongue taste 
your finger where you have wiped it.  You will probably know the difference 
between brake fluid and ordinary grease / oil.  This is NOT a recommended 
test as brake fluid is quite poisonous and ordinary oils do not do you much 
good either!
If you strip the front left down you should be looking for a damp line 
running down the back of the inner pad and across the bottom of the pad and 
downwards Have a look (a) at the inside of the wheel rim and tyre for signs 
of fluid flung outwards towards the tire tread and (b) under the wheel arch 
for a wet line of drops that have been flung up if it has been going on for 
a long time.  The fluid level may have dropped in the m/cyl as well.

Best of luck

Guy R Day

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> My 67 Sprite which was totally redone 3 years ago has always pulled to the 
> right when I step on the brakes.
> I figured I just had to re-bleed the brakes and I finally got around to 
> it.
> It still pulls to the right.
> Brake pedal has always been hard, no pumping needed,
> New hoses, pipes, master, and rebuilt calipers.
> It's not like I never did this before but this time I am stumped.
> One more thing..... The pulling gets less the more I drive and after about 
> 20 miles or so, it no longer pulls when I step on the brakes.
> The left caliper is not hanging up, the right just needs to catch up with 
> the left one.
> When I first drive off after the car sat for a week or so, it pulls enough 
> to make a right turn.
> Anybody have any ideas?
> -- 
> Frank Clarici
> Toms River, NJ
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