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Bud Osbourne abcoz at hky.com
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Sometimes, if you get a set of rotors that were not poured from the same
"heat" at the foundry, there may be enough difference in the alloy to cause
slightly different frictional properties, when cold (this is why all shop
manuals specify replacement of BOTH rotors, even though only one may require
replacement.  Of course, the pads may have been effected by any "difference"
in the rotor's composition, so it's best to replace them at the same time.

On a happier note, how did you enjoy your Watkins Glen weekend?   

Bud Osbourne

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My 67 Sprite which was totally redone 3 years ago has always pulled to the
right when I step on the brakes.
I figured I just had to re-bleed the brakes and I finally got around to it.
It still pulls to the right.
Brake pedal has always been hard, no pumping needed, New hoses, pipes,
master, and rebuilt calipers.
It's not like I never did this before but this time I am stumped.
One more thing..... The pulling gets less the more I drive and after about
20 miles or so, it no longer pulls when I step on the brakes.
The left caliper is not hanging up, the right just needs to catch up with
the left one.
When I first drive off after the car sat for a week or so, it pulls enough
to make a right turn.
Anybody have any ideas?

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ
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