[Spridgets] Friend with Suspension Question

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If he really wants to play with the suspension he can weld in brackets and install coilovers. That is what the racers have.

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I have a friend who bought a 59 Bugeye. . he also bought a 71 Midget for
parts and he thinks he would be better off to convert the rear springs to
the full length type.

I told him that he would be better off to leave the rear half springs that
are already on his Bugeye . . and save himself from the hassle of trying to
weld in new mounts for the longer springs.  And that the half length springs
will allow his car to handle better as they were part of the original

I told him that I would send a note to the list to confirm.

Any input to try and save my friend from doing the unnecessary is welcomed.



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