[Spridgets] Bugeye rear ends 100-6 (Steel bonnet wanted)

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Fri Sep 17 18:54:42 MDT 2010

And David rears HIS head as a Big Healey wanna-be !!!! <VBG> !!!

<< ...Healeys allowed them to make all their mistakes before designing 

Don't have yer facts right as usual David<G>.

DMH & JS went to the garbage & spare parts bins and came up
with the absolute CHEAPEST sh*t parts and put them together for the 2nd 
cheapest bunch of ..................... !!
And YEP, I have owned a few<G><G> !!
DAMNED PROUD Custodian  of one of the BEST automobiles
ever manufactured<VBG> !!!
'67 BJ-7
[Hortense THE Healey wearing STD IL plates    AH BJ 7    ]
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