[Spridgets] Bugeye rear ends 100-6 (Steel bonnet wanted)

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Fri Sep 17 17:41:47 MDT 2010

LOOK, PPP.............

<< Those damn trucks get in the way all the time .........
        ED  >>

Just 'cause some East Coast lop-sided wop can't drive one,
does NOT mean YOU should either 'pick on me' nor pick
on Big Healeys !!!!

Keep in mind [ALL of you] if it wasn't for Big Healeys there
NEVER would have been a Frogeye [followed by older sisters]!!!!

Besides, everybody knows yer just jealous YOU don't have one
<VBEG> !!!!  ONLY way you would ever be able to beat 'Hopper
around Blackhawk or Road America <VBEG> !!!!!

'67 BJ-7
[Hortense THE Healey wearing STD IL plates    AH BJ 7    ]
Please visit MY site at:      www.justbrits.com

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