[Spridgets] Runs great, but terrible mileage

WeslakeMonza1330 at aol.com WeslakeMonza1330 at aol.com
Thu Sep 16 12:09:44 MDT 2010

My Sprite will do over 110mph and mostly I cruise at 80-90mph in 5th  gear. 
 All the acceleration I do is hard and the engine has a 45 DCOE Weber  
calibrated for full race mixture.  I figure that on a steady run I can get  
For your engine to get 18-22mpg you either have an excessively right  
mixture (black smoke) and drive flat out constantly, even on a 4.2 diff or you  
have a fuel leak or both.
Your mileage ought to vary...
In a message dated 16/09/2010 18:29:54 GMT Daylight Time,  
tncarnut1 at yahoo.com writes:

18 to 22  

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