[Spridgets] MK II (HAN6L12779) finally in one color

Mark Haynes haynes386 at netzero.net
Wed Sep 15 11:01:57 MDT 2010

Guards Leak Green?
It's as close as my guy and I could find in his mix catalog to Signal RED.
You're the second to say something about green, am I missing something? My '58
is (currently) red as well (see the last pic-Younger brother and Older

PS-What's SWMBO anyway?

Mark Haynes

Looks FANTASTIC !!!!  But how did you arrive at using
Guards Leak Green ??  Really curious !!!!  I didn't know you
model was available in that colour ?!?!?


PS:  Also HOW did you keep SWMBO OUT of your garageS??

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