[Spridgets] Do you have any idea............

Macy Larry lmacy at mac.com
Mon Sep 13 09:18:58 MDT 2010

'Cuz you beat the sh$t outta the crank pins and they will never fit a flywheel in your life time??

Or its twisted, not unlike the owner, and the pins are not supposed to line up with the crank throws

Or that little scratch on the flywheel mounting flag says the flywheel will never mount 100% correctly, and therefore this crank is trash?

Or that this is not really a Spridget crank and in my drunken stupor I put up a Nissan 4 cylinder crank and asked ya all to straighten me out on it

Or that this is really the flange from a crank shaft from an IGK that fits a Waukesha L7390 12 cylinder 7,390 cubic inch engine as a stater motor?

Or I just put this up to F with you all, cuz I like to

Ort I have no idea what I just asked and I just put this up to cover for my complete incompetence

Or . . . . . . . . . . 

Actually, Ed we have no IDEA


On Sep 12, 2010, at 20:51 PM, Shop at Just Brits wrote:

> WHY I have this pic up on my site <G> ?????
> http://www.justbrits.com/Articles/crank.html
> Sorry, no prize !!  For Educational purposes only <VBG> !!!
> It will be in the "Various Articles" Section soon !!
> Ed
> PS:  Frank, Gerard, Eng.Mike, Jay, Colin, maybe HealeyRick
> [although he's 'converted' to Fix Or Repair Daily <G>], 'Hopper,
> PPP, and the rest of you that "fit" in above group CAN'T 'play' !!
> Ooops, nor Susiki Larry <VBG> !!!
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