[Spridgets] Bugeye/Frogeye Club..... Do you have any idea............

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Sun Sep 12 20:50:04 MDT 2010

Geeees guys, ONE answer per post, PLEASE <G><G><G> !!!!

<< That you've got one really developed hand and are holding the entire 
up with only your wrist while you take a pic with the other hand?  >>

NOPE Lester - Tripod <smirk> !!!

<< To show everyone that you have pegboard with the largest holes ever seen? >>

NOPE - standard 1/4" holes [ yer eyes ARE going <G> ]

<< To show how you use your Snuggie to support your crankshaft? >>

NOPE, don't own one <G>.

<< To show that your eyes are failing and you have to have part numbers on 
the bags in REALLY BIG handwriting? >>

NOPE - besides only 1/2" lettering to 'see at a glance'<G>

<< To show a crank that has never had the holes for the flywheel bolts tapped? >>

NOPE - er NOT supposed to be <G> !!!!

Lester - BACK to the brews & think tank !!!  LOL !!

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