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The Canadians are great people. I ran at Coquitlam back about 1967.
...bill in corvallis
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> No word on Screech consumption, yet, but I'm sure it'll
> come.

We have to blow a breathalyzer every morning, so no Screech for me yet. The
event so far has been great.  A local is assigned to you (your "Cro" as they
are called) and they are just great. Jeff wanted to get a video camera, 10
minutes later it was there (we sent it back, long story). The rest of the
people are fantastic. We had some issues today on the odometer stage when we
got stuck in stop-dead traffic for 10 minutes and overheated and had to park
the car at a business. While Rich Winder from our chase car waited with the
Stude because Jeff and I had to attend a first aid course (logistics
nightmare), the business owner ran out and got him coffee and donuts. We
also foolishly failed tech because we did not have American flags next to
our names on the car, and a guy at the local Staples ended up finding clip
art and making decals for us, basically upending the store to do so. I can't
say enough about how Canadians are just the very finest kind. Jeff
 says he can't imagine living up here, I can't imagine NOT wanting to.

The Studebaker is a handful, but you knew that. It is by far the hit of the
show. we are one of the few privateer teams here, and it's a lot like Team
Thicko trying to compete with Formula One. everyone seems to be rooting for
the underdogs. I do very much wish I was at Road America this weekend,
though, believe it or not, and while I don't think a SPrite could take the
route without bashing into a million pieces, running one would be an
absolute hoot. Tomorrow is the prologue, pray for us. Really.


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