[Spridgets] My Youtube...Auto related just not LBC paperclip method to read check engine light.

Chris King cbking at alum.rpi.edu
Thu Sep 9 13:23:18 MDT 2010

Looks similar to this quik link I founf on a Buick site
I suspect this code was common on all GM cars.
If it is your EGR valve, I suspect at a minimum it is caked with carbon
and so the pintle needle may not be moving as it should. I have heard of
people removing them and cleaning them with a wire brush, but I've never
done it myself. The only car I had with an EGR valve is my 1500 Midget,
and I ditched that thing as soon as I could! ;)

Chris King

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method to read check engine light. 

Below is my youtube link for my check engine light. I used the paperclip
method to get the flashing light code and I was only able to locate a 
Cadillac code chart which I also posted below. It looks like I have 3
long 2 
short flashes which means EGR faulty circuit. It should read 12 to start
normal then the error flash code, doesn't it look like 32? 

Now to search on how to test the EGR valve (if the code chart for
is the same as Saturn. 


Partial Cadillac chart: 

12 System normal 
13 oxygen sensor circuit open 
14 coolant sensor high resistance or shorted 
15 coolant sensor circuit low or open 
16 direct ignition system (DIS) fault in circuit 
17 cam position sensor fault 
18 crank or cam sensor error 
19 crank sensor circuit fault 
21 tps sensor out of range 
22 tps sensor signal voltage low 
23 intake air temp sensor out of range, low 
24 vehicle speed (vss) sensor circuit fault 
25 air temp sensor sensor out of range, high 
26 quad-driver module (computer) circuit #1 fault 
27 quad-driver module (computer) 2nd gear circuit 
28 quad-driver module (computer) circuit #2 fault 
29 quad driver module (computer) 4th gear circuit 
31 cam position sensor fault 
32 egr circuit fault 

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