[Spridgets] England trip

Glen Byrns grbyrns at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 07:48:50 MDT 2010

Almost one week in London so far and I've seen a ton.
As far as LBCs go, I've seen only one old Mini in racing trim near
Buckingham Palace, a clapped out A35 saloon near the RAF Museum, a rubber
bumper MGB in Camden and an old Saab like Chuck's.  Motorbooks was out of
stock of Daniel's Sprite book, and none of the model shops have ANY Sprite
models or even anyone old enough to know what one is.
I did score a few Morris models. A tourer, Traveller, and a canvas back
pickup.  Happily the canvas back snaps off to reveal the pickup which is
much closer to my little truck's appearance.
  Still to come are Beaulieu, Bull Motif (big time Morris parts supplier for
you Sprite-only types) and Gaydon/BMIHT.  Since my wife had been planning
this trip practically her whole life, the dance card is quite full and I
haven't been able to work out a meet with Daniel.
  I have pics of the LBC's and Saab and will post them to my photobucket
page with a link when I get back.

Glen Byrns

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