[Spridgets] OBD I........... where can I find one?

Richard Ball richb at u.washington.edu
Sat Sep 4 09:05:03 MDT 2010


as others have said your shop manual should give you the procedure to set up 
a jumper wire  on the OBD I connector to read the codes.   In addition many 
OBD I cars will set the Check Engine light at predetermined intervals to 
reminder you to do preventative maintenance  such as timing belt 
replacement.  My '95 Geo Tracker does this.  What's your Mileage

Rich Ball
'76 Midget
Everett, WA
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> List,
> I have been looking a few years for an OBD I for my 1994 Saturn but can't
> find one. Does anyone know where I can get one they must have made them
> before 96. I have purchased & returned an OBD II in the past as it said it
> only worked on a 96 and above.
> Thanks Lin
> PS I need my check engine light on like I need another hole in my head.
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