[Spridgets] Hot stick in slow traffic

Dean Hedin dlh2001 at comcast.net
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Typical running temp for a manual gearbox would be 150-175 F.

Heat is transferred very easily from the engine to the tranny, so you need
to make sure you are  not looking at a more general engine cooling issue.
Do you have an idea what the engine temps were during this excursion?

It might be a good idea to hook up a digital temp sensor to the tranny case
and monitor things.   

After experimenting with the various viscosities in my 5 speed I've
determined the you want to go with the 90w GL-4 oil. NAPA sells it.
Sta-Lube Brand.  140wt quiets the gear noise down but the shifts are hard
until it warms up.

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Drove the Midget up to Tulalip (about 18 miles) on some back roads, then the

freeway.  I noticed the transmission and stick shift gets extremely hot in 
stop/go traffic.  We put 30 wt. oil in the trans when we installed it.
Would a 
heavier oil keep it cooler?  Is this a problem?  It got pretty freakin' hot
had me worried.....  Datsun 5 speed.

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