[Spridgets] Hot stick in slow traffic

Chris King cbking at alum.rpi.edu
Fri Sep 3 13:30:51 MDT 2010

Since you have a 1275 in a 1500 chassis, where did you run the exhaust?
Are you sure you're not getting exhaust heat up through the propshaft
access hole and heating up the gear lever?

Gearbox would probably create more heat while at speed than in stop and
go traffic, I would think. Maybe heat soak after the freeway run?

Just some thoughts.


Chris King

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>Drove the Midget up to Tulalip (about 18 miles) on some back roads,
then the 
>freeway. I noticed the transmission and stick shift gets extremely hot
>stop/go traffic. We put 30 wt. oil in the trans when we installed it.
Would a 
>heavier oil keep it cooler? Is this a problem? It got pretty freakin'
hot and 
>had me worried..... Datsun 5 speed.
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