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Yep, anything that had a Type 9 will have had the Ford auto box though  the 
problem will still be getting a flex plate for the crank.  I'll bet  it's 
cheaper to swap a 1500 Triumph/MG 1300/1500 engine and auto box complete  
than have a bespoke crank made.
Also, does the Ford Auto have an integral bellhousing?  I ask this  because 
the kits for the Ford Type 9 box are generally based on a hybrid  
Weslake-Monza 1330
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cbking at alum.rpi.edu writes:

According to Wikipedia, the Merkur XR4Ti (the Ford Sirerra sold in the US  
market) used Ford's C3:
"The XR4Ti was distinguished mechanically by its _turbocharged_ 
(http://mail.alum.rpi.edu/wiki/Turbocharger)  _Ford Lima_ 
(http://mail.alum.rpi.edu/wiki/Ford_Pinto_engine#2.3_OHC)   2.3 L _4-cylinder_ 
(http://mail.alum.rpi.edu/wiki/Straight-4)  SOHC engine and  independent rear suspension, and 
stylistically by its large bi-plane spoiler  (replaced in later years with a single 
rear spoiler). It came with either the  _C3_ 
(http://mail.alum.rpi.edu/wiki/Ford_C3_transmission)  3-speed _automatic  transmission_ 
(http://mail.alum.rpi.edu/wiki/Automatic_transmission)  or the Ford _Type 9_ 
(http://mail.alum.rpi.edu/wiki/Type_9) , 5-speed _manual transmission  _ 
(http://mail.alum.rpi.edu/wiki/Manual_transmission) ."
I'd expect C3s are easy to find, used Pintos and early (pre-86) Fox  bodies 
(Mustang, Fairmont, etc) behind the 2.3L 4.
You might also be able to use an AL4D, which is the OD replacement for  the 
C3. Used in 4 cyl Mustangs and T-birds, and the Ranger based trucks (incl.  
BroncoII, Explorer, and Aerostar). 
Good luck.

Chris King

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I wil be the Ford type nine  I expect. The problem will be getting a 
torque converter to fit the  end of the crank won't it?? 

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Moss  has a 5 speed kit available. Call them to find out what 5 speed 
they  use... say some sort of Ford lump, then find the automatic from 
the  same model car. Maybe the adapter bit from Moss, or their 
supplier,  will allow the AT to bolt up. 

Or, just put in a Volvo B18 engine  with the BWT35 AT, as was done in 
decades past. 
Peter C 
At 10:25 PM 8/31/2010, Michael Rowe wrote: 
>My mechanic/tutor  has a commission to put an automatic transmission 
>in an MG TD.  This old lady has driven the car since she was 16, and 
>wants to  continue without dealing with a clutch on the many steep 
>hills  she must navigate. Any small RWD engine with an automatic  
>transmission will do; she does not care. 
>Any  thoughts on what he might actually be able to find in reasonable  
>condition? Where? 
>Michael Rowe  

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