[Spridgets] Automatic transmission

David Booker tncarnut1 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 1 09:09:11 MDT 2010

"Do you think the mechanic can talk her into leaving her car alone and build a
replica using more modern parts?"

Steve, Nope - a fake one would not cut

I spoke with her a while on Sunday afternoon too. She came to our MG
invitational show at the Vanderbilt museum. The car was a gift from
her parents 
for her 16th birthday. She is very attached to it and wants to
drive it again, 
but has not driven anything with a clutch in over 25 years
(the car is 
absolutely complete has been stored in a garage for at least that
long). The car 
will need a thorough going through in addition to the

There were some very nice TD's at the show and she really wants
to drive her car 
agian - she's just afraid of stopping and starting on the
hills of Long Island's 
North Shore. She seems to be a very nice lady, and I
got the distict impression 
she represents some of the old money that still
resides in that area. 

David Booker
Long Island (south shore)

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