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derf derf247 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 14:25:28 MDT 2010

Derogatory, surely,  but I dunno about racist.  But, some people claim
any criticism against a black president (or person) is racist.
Back in the 80s we had a local high school run rock-n-roll radio
station.  At the time some of the larger stations would claim:
"Arbitron rated #1 station in the area"
The high school spoof commercial was:
"Yomammatron rated #1 station in the area."
There was no racism there.  Black people may have started the "yo
mama" cliche but it caught on and was and is used universally.

I would vote for a black candidate if I felt he or she was the best
candidate.  I am afraid a lot of people voted for or against Obama
because he is black.  To them, the content of his character was not as
important as the color of his skin.  Maybe all the ignorant racists
canceled each other out.

Rather than call each other idiots and fight maybe someone can list
all the positive effects that the Obama administration and Democratic
majority Congress has made in the past two years.  I have an idea who
I'll be voting for next month but I'm willing to entertain ideas and
opinions. The one Democratic incumbent is playing up the instances
where he voted against Obama.

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