[Spridgets] Formula 1 returning to the US in 2012

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Wed May 26 12:33:41 MDT 2010

I'm with you, Jay !!!

<< Plus Bernie gets another new facility for his cocktail parties
because that's what F1 is all about. >>

BINGO !! F1 hasn't been "racing" since on-board
computers where invented [or application thereof].
I have TRIED to watch it and it's just plain BORING.
Those guys are NOT 'drivers' anymore, just 'pilots'
doing Bernie's "bidding". Sad.

Then I read the Auto-Week article and almost busted
a gut from THIS !!
....the tech money 
<http://www.autoweek.com/article/20100526/F1/100529830#>, the nightlife, 
the music--it all just fits with
what Formula One is all about.

Jay, did you pen your note before [my guess] or after
reading it ??? LOL


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