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Jay jfishbein at snet.net
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Do the math?

As it relates to the alphabet?

2 + 19 = 

Like you said, do the math.


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Rebecca writes: "Well, you know it wasn't me"

LOL, for sure!! :)

nope...coming from a computer on the a vintage British sports car list I hardly use any more. 

Put a couple of posts up a few weeks ago
on used parts I wanted to sell and a guy
who hates my guts gave me a tough time.

Normally I don't respond to his attacking crap but this time I gave it back. 

Now suddenly we've got this problem which MSN support has traced back to that list considering a coicidence of a certain name which appeared in one of the spam mails, a guy NOT on my address list and with whom I have had no direct email contact with in many, many moons.

So the only thing we share in common is membership on this particular vintage British sports car list. Do the math!! :)

And, considering we had words over his possible sexual orientation considering he's got a "thing" for me quite obviously and the size our members was mentioned I believe once or twice (mine being the larger of course) me suddenly having this
emai problem combined with the content
of the emails sorta tells the tale so to 
speak. Again, do the math! :)

At least this is the word I've gotten from support considering MSN TV "2" is like a MAC Virus-free inbound and outbound, not subject Trojan Horse per se.

So it's ain't coming from me in any event and those of you listening on the autox list....well...do the math! :):)


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