[Spridgets] !/2 eleptical rear part ?

Bill L pythias at pacifier.com
Tue May 18 17:36:26 MDT 2010

Hello Peter,

     It was surprisingly painless. we didn't have a press to get out
     the old bushings from the front of the springs, but they were
     pronounced as "OK", so that was no big. All the bolts and nuts
     came apart without inordinate effort, perhaps as a result of
     soaking them for over a week in AeroKroil before the deed. I DO
     need at least one alignment plate, .. the part with the holes
     that holds the rubber pads onto the springs, as one was worn
     thru. I put it on the top rather than tighten nuts against it.

     I should be able to pull the U-bolts from one side at at time and
     replace the locaters on the top of axle and those plates at the
     same time, probably some time this summer.

     The car rides MUCH better. There was some question, because the
     replacement springs had an extra leaf, SIX instead of FIVE of the
     old ones, and a bunch more arch, but the old ones were so tired
     that really wasn't much "spring" left in them. While not Cadillac
     smooth, it's much nicer, and lifted the car a little over 2". The
     bottom  of the  rear fenders used to be about 1/2" above the top
     of the tire rims, and now I see more tire sidewall, but not so
     much that the car looks "jacked", just a slight rake to the
     front. It should hold a trunk load of stuff all the way to
     Elkhart Lake next year. 

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