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Mark Haynes haynes386 at netzero.net
Fri Jul 23 08:19:48 MDT 2010

Around the time that I was born in upstate NY, my dad was rallying and setting
up gymkhanas (now known as Autocross) with the local SCCA group there. One of
its members, a Dr. Eisenstark DDS, had a red SIATA spyder that he and his wife
would rally in. They used to keep a placard in the passenger's side door
pocket with the single word SIATA so that they could let people who wanted to
know what it was without all of the brouhaha (brouhaha? brouhaha! Ha Ha!Ha Ha
Ha Ha!).
Doc really loved that car and would piddlefuss (my wife's word) with it
constantly, he was the first person that I knew of who had a machine shop in
his garage (under the dentist's office). boy, was I impressed with that, even
at age 8.
Dennis Gage just did a piece on a guy in Canada that has SIATA SN#504, the
first production car. All 150(?) of these coupes and spyders were, apparently,
sold to and through a dealer on the west coast.
Pretty little cars reminiscent of the Ferrari 150MM of the mid to late
fifties, though they preceded them. They've got a great sound to them as well,
good luck finding one that's affordable, as I said they only made a small

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