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Herb, what do you do then if the center of gravity is not on the centerline 
of the car?  You won't get the two fronts equal or the two rears equal.  And 
weight jacking can not always make up the difference without jacking one 
side of the car sky high which messes with your ride height and roll 

OK, ideally you want the right front to carry the same percentage of the 
right side weights as the total front's percentage of the total weight.  And 
then the same with the left side.  Then the diagonals should be equal. 
Then, to get really technical, sometimes you don't want the sides to be 
equal if there are more turns in one direction than another.

Dave Grandeffo, are you out there?

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Actually you want the wheel weights to be equal, side to side, especially
the front for stable, straight braking. It is true that if the wheel weights
are equal side to side, the diagonal weights will be equal, but having equal
diagonal weights does not guarantee equality side to side.

Herb Miller

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Dave, on race cars you want the cross corner weights to be as close to each
other as possible.  IOW, the LF+RR = RF+LR.  You can change the weights by
making suspension adjustments.


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