[Spridgets] wire wheel rear end conversion

Bob Kitterer bkitterer at me.com
Mon Jan 25 17:35:25 MST 2010

HI Leo,

If you have a 67 donor car I would suggest taking all of the brake parts from that car including the backing plates.  They will bolt right on the bugeye.

The banjo for wire wheels is one inch narrower than for disk wheels, hence the difference in axle length.  The only car with wire wheels and the quarter elliptic rear suspension is the first Midgets, 61's an perhaps 62's (I'm on the road and do not have my reference books)  I suspect this banjo is very hard to find these days, it even took a bit of looking when I did this conversion in 1968.

Bob Kitterer

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On Jan 24, 2010, at 10:56 PM, Leo S wrote:

> Next, are the drums for a wire wheel the same as the ones off a non wire wheel
> ( I know the front calipers nd discs are differnt)?  Are the drums the same
> across all the years of midgets and sprites? Also I take it that I have to use
> the wire wheel hubs as the bolts to retain the hub screw in versus the studs
> on a non wire wheel hub being pressed in from the backside of the hub??  Also.
> the wire wheel axels are shorter than a non-wire wheel by around 3/8 of an
> inch and does this lead to axel issues?  Is it worth the effort to removeing
> the mounts off both axels and put the steel wheel mounts onto the wire wheel
> housing?  (BTW... the wire wheel housing and donor car is a 67 midget and the
> recipient car is a bugeye)  Also going to install the double acting rear wheel
> cylinders and I know I have to move the back plates and associated hardware
> along with correcting the length of the brake rods.  Anything else that needs
> to be paid attention to in the changeover?  Will the difference in the width
> of the housing make a difference in tire clearance (the WW housing is around 1
> inch narrower than the steel wheel housing)?

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