[Spridgets] shifting isssues

ryan.kubanoff at comcast.net ryan.kubanoff at comcast.net
Wed Jan 20 21:18:40 MST 2010

The concern is that its not that they are not engaging and grinding gears (like a not fully engaged clutch) its that i cant get the stickshift itself to move into the 1st (occasionally) or reverse position (at all). Obviously my lack of how the transmission works is causing the problem with diagnosing this. The car does shift into all forward gears and up until this morning reverse with the engine running or not. The attempted failed shifts make NO noise at all so its not grinding gear on gear. 

What would block the stickshift from moving into the reverse position? could it be the synchros that are causing the blocking? 

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My apologies Frank, I did not realize you had assisted Ryan. 

If it truely was a well functioning tranny previously then the only thing 
I can think of is clutch adjustment. 

Important point is that first and reverse have no synchros, and they are the ones giving trouble. 

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> Dean Hedin wrote: 
>> Ryan, when it finally goes into first or reverse does it "crunch" in? 
>> Also, what do you mean by "hobble together" ? 
>> Does that mean you machined a new pilot bushing out of brass (OK) or 
>> does it mean you found a piece of steel tubing that was 
>> the right size (BAD)? 
> It was a brass bushing 
> His was different than what the books say (or the parts ordered) but we 
> improvised. 

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