[Spridgets] oil leaks MAJOR at rpm

Peter Caldwell peter at nosimport.com
Wed Jan 13 08:03:10 MST 2010

         Before you dismantle everything, run the car for a while, 
then open the oil filler cap to see if the valve cover is quite full of oil.
  Low oil pressure can be caused by worn rocker arm bushings, and 
blowing blue smoke can be caused by oil getting past the non-existent 
guide seals which becomes flooded by oil when the rocker bushings are 
worn.  Pretty inexpensive repair, and doesn't require head or engine removal.
         Peter C
At 05:31 PM 1/12/2010, Leo S wrote:
>The oil pressure saga I have been havng with Iris has got to come to an end.
>As most know, Iris's oil pressure has been arond 7 - 10 at idle and 20 or so
>at rpm (motor only has around 1.5k on it).  Front felt seal failed with only
>around 1k on motor so I changed over to a neoprene seal , also just changed
>out the oil pressure relief spring and no change.  Today on a short ride at
>around 55 when I glanced in the rear view morror it looked like a fogger.
>Pulled over and oil was dripping from all over the underside.  No leaks from
>the timing seal, none from around the pan.... soooo....  pistons are on their
>way, and gathering prts.  New bottom end will get done along with a check of
>the current head on Iris.  Is it possible to pull the motor without removing
>the bonnet?  any body have  good method to re-ligning the hood in a manner
>which is SAFE in relaations to paint?   I really dont want any chips in the
>paint.  This is getting to be a drag:(  Maybe Iris needs the 1275 sitting here
>installed in her... Better get that thought out of my mind..
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