[Spridgets] No LBC-anti-lock brakes

David Groundwater dwgwater at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 11 15:31:37 MST 2010

i'm wondering if anyone has any insight on anti-lock brakes on my 2003 Honda
Accord.  The ABS seems to be kicking in far more than it ever did before and
as a result I'm getting really long stopping distances when I need to get hard
into the brakes.  I put on a set of BF Goodrich-Costco tires about 2 years/16K
miles ago and I've been blaming what seems to be a lack of traction in the
last few months on cheap tires. (I mostly drive this car to the train
station.)  But the other day, I was in a parking lot, dry salty pavement
(Chicago) at about 10 mph when somebody pulled out in front of me. I jumped on
the brakes, the ABS kicked in and it stopped, eventually.

THese tires have plenty of tread, and even with what is probably a really hard
rubber compound, I was really surprised that I was anywhere near lockup.
Putting it another way, the seat of my pants tells me I'm not getting very
many G's of negative acceleration before the ABS kicks in, and I'm wondering
if there's more to it than just the tires.

There's no ABS failure light, but I'm wondering if the ABS can go out of
adjustment or something to make it more sensitive than it should be.  I
thought the systems sensed lockup and eased off/released the hydraulic
pressure to let the wheel rotate again. Is there more to it than that?

Anybody have any experience with something like this or have any words of
wisdom I can drop on the dealer when I take it in?


'70 Midget

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