[Spridgets] Jubillee stainless steel hose clamps

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_http://www.jubileeclips.co.uk/_ (http://www.jubileeclips.co.uk/) 
Hi list link for jubillee clips - not sure if they have a US  distributor.  
The key thing is they are smooht on the inside so don't  damage silicone hoses. 
 Also if you get them in stainless steel they won't  rust either.
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Got mine  today too.  If a car part can be, they are pretty.
Mike MacLean
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56 BN2

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I  just received my downflow hoses... Thank yo very much...

I have a  question wwhich type clamps to use...

Which clamps are recommended?  The flat metal SS straps with a screw
drive (hose clamps), or the  "original" ones that look like two bits
of bent wire with a nut and bolt  (Jubilee clips?)??

I'm guessing that the originals would cut through  the silicon in a
heart beat...

Dave G.    KK7SS
'65 MK III Sprite in Richland, WA

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