[Spridgets] Tonneau studs

Frank spritenut at comcast.net
Wed Mar 25 17:54:17 MST 2009

Bill L wrote:
>      Actaully there are FOUR holes in the front, two for each half of
>      the tonneau.

There are 4 holes on the 65-67, And there are lift the dots AND tenax 
fasteners on the Sprites.
Lift-The-Dot is what was across the front, 4 studs (lift the dot studs, 
NOT Tenax studs)
You want the machine screw type as the sheet metal type will pull out or 
loosen up.
If you have a marine store near by, they should have them. Do watch as 
some of them these days have metric threads, not a problem if you get 
the nuts for them but the normal 10/32 nuts from a part bin will not fit 
the new metric machine studs.
Lift the dot studs are about 5/8" tall, or almost twice as tall as the 
tenax studs.

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ
My own Fleet of Sprites

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